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(a) IN GENERAL- After making the reservation required under subsection (d)(1), each State educational agency receiving a grant under section 3111(c)(3) shall award subgrants for a fiscal year by allocating to each eligible entity in the State having a plan approved under section 3116 an amount that bears the same relationship to the amount received under the grant and remaining after making such reservation as the population of limited English proficient children in schools served by the eligible entity bears to the population of limited English proficient children in schools served by all eligible entities in the State.

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(b) LIMITATION- A State educational agency shall not award a subgrant from an allocation made under subsection (a) if the amount of such subgrant would be less than $10,000.

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(c) REALLOCATION- Whenever a State educational agency determines that an amount from an allocation made to an eligible entity under subsection (a) for a fiscal year will not be used by the entity for the purpose for which the allocation was made, the agency shall, in accordance with such rules as it determines to be appropriate, reallocate such amount, consistent with such subsection, to other eligible entities in the State that the agency determines will use the amount to carry out that purpose.

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(d) REQUIRED RESERVATION- A State educational agency receiving a grant under this subpart for a fiscal year —

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(1) shall reserve not more than 15 percent of the agencys allotment under section 3111(c)(3) to award subgrants to eligible entities in the State that have experienced a significant increase, as compared to the average of the 2 preceding fiscal years, in the percentage or number of immigrant children and youth, who have enrolled, during the fiscal year preceding the fiscal year for which the subgrant is made, in public and nonpublic elementary schools and secondary schools in the geographic areas under the jurisdiction of, or served by, such entities; and

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(2) in awarding subgrants under paragraph (1) —

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(A) shall equally consider eligible entities that satisfy the requirement of such paragraph but have limited or no experience in serving immigrant children and youth; and

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(B) shall consider the quality of each local plan under section 3116 and ensure that each subgrant is of sufficient size and scope to meet the purposes of this part.