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(a) EVALUATION- Each recipient of funds under this subpart for a program shall annually conduct an evaluation of the program and submit to the Secretary a report concerning the evaluation, in the form prescribed by the Secretary.

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(b) USE OF EVALUATION- Such evaluation shall be used by the grant recipient —

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(1) for program improvement;

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(2) to further define the programs goals and objectives; and

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(3) to determine program effectiveness.

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(c) EVALUATION REPORT COMPONENTS- In preparing the evaluation reports, the recipient shall —

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(1) use the data provided in the application submitted by the recipient under section 3214 as baseline data against which to report academic achievement and gains in English proficiency for children in the program;

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(2) disaggregate the results of the evaluation by gender, native languages spoken by children, socioeconomic status, and whether the children have disabilities;

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(3) include data on the progress of the recipient in achieving the objectives of the program, including data demonstrating the extent to which children served by the program are meeting the challenging State academic content and student academic achievement standards, and including data comparing limited English proficient children with English proficient children with regard to school retention and academic achievement concerning —

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(A) reading and language arts;

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(B) English proficiency;

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(C) mathematics; and

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(D) the native language of the children, if the program develops native language proficiency;

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(4) include information on the extent that professional development activities carried out through the program have resulted in improved classroom practices and improved student academic achievement;

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lude a description of how the activities carried out through the program are coordinated and integrated with the other Federal, State, or local programs serving limited English proficient children; and

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(6) include such other information as the Secretary may require.