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    (a) NOTIFICATION OF AMOUNT- The Secretary, not later than June 1 of each year, shall notify each State educational agency that has an application approved under section 3245 of the amount of such agencys allotment under section 3244 for the succeeding year.
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    (b) SERVICES TO IMMIGRANT CHILDREN AND YOUTH ENROLLED IN NONPUBLIC SCHOOLS- If by reason of any provision of law a local educational agency is prohibited from providing educational services for immigrant children and youth enrolled in nonpublic elementary schools and secondary schools, as required by section 3245(a)(7), or if the Secretary determines that a local educational agency has substantially failed or is unwilling to provide for the participation on an equitable basis of such children and youth enrolled in such schools, the Secretary may waive such requirement and shall arrange for the provision of services, subject to the requirements of this subpart, to such children and youth. Such waivers shall be subject to consultation, withholding, notice, and judicial review requirements in accordance with the provisions of title I.